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on and give us some details. as of right now he has not came out that we do have multiple calls in. jacqueline roque remains close and the way that things stand is a problem will remain closed for a few more hours. in a neighborhood like this can people leave their homes? >> it does not look from where i am standing that there is an active search going on. this does not mean that necessarily the suspect is not outstanding or in custody. i can tell you there from the scene where we are at their our a door- to-door search going on. the intersection and all of jacqueline road is whether the measurements. >> we will talk first about the bay bridge situation. they are going to be reopening and are in the process of doors so right now on and off ramps to wear from treasure island on both the upper and lower decks. these were hard closures were put in effect by caltran and the chp has been told it to reopen them. there in the process of doing so, however there has been stop and go traffic along this area. this has meant early activation and early backups. the metering lights were put on 20 minutes in
. is not a medical marijuana. voters in three states will consider measures that would legalize recreational use of marijuana. the proposal in colorado, oregon, in washington allow small amounts to be possessed. the drug will be subject to state regulation and taxes. if the plant texas--passes and any of those states the battle with the legal--the u.s. government is likely. >> the call accounting clerk says there with religion some thousand votes and by melba. 185 have been tallied. he is on the public to be careful with their ballots. any that are received today that are damaged or have mistakes have to be reproduced. >> coffee will pick up on a target. if you have a little coffee on your ballot it looks like a vote. we have to remake that bella. ballots that are torn. ballots that get chewed up by a machine. >> the county wants people to keep in mind if they have a male in ballot they are turning into day if it must be received by 8:00 p.m. tonight in order to be counted. early ballots were cast in alameda county by voter registers office in oakland. officials say it looks like about 75% regis
to the overnight hours. sprinkles right now in downtown san francisco of course you will need to use your windshield wipers. this is not a big rain maker at least not anymore. we are just seeing some showers on the back in. i do want to assume a neighborhood by neighborhood. we are trying out for santa rosa, rommel park. as we take it to napa and shall have passed to their however slight frame for american canyon. as we take it down to san raphael the showers are starting to push through. that are crossing the richmond san rafeal bridge over to the east bay we see moderate rainfall over concord highway 4 and 242. taking a look at oakland alameda and piedmont agreed on your screen indicate light rain. it is going to write for the rest of the morning. it will become more spotty as we head into the later hours into the afternoon we do expect drying clearing and he has some sunshine later today. storm trackers for is still showing it is raining over san francisco, daly city. >> dealing with iran for north beach. for those of you downtown is a pretty light trade a bit heavier ride over sunnyva
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3